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Activist Bios

Allan Levy - is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience building and managing companies. His expertise includes marketing, sales, acquisitions, retention, integration of technology and businesses. He has built businesses from the ground up, acquired new businesses, restructured businesses and grown businesses to the next level. He has successfully built & sold 3 businesses, the last business both privately and venture financed. His strongest assets are seeing opportunity in a new marketplace and realizing it through a solid plan. Specialties: online media, online retail, marketing, advertising, email marketing, data analysis, direct marketing, consumer surveys and raising capital.

Allen has joined as an OJC Committee Member in business development

Duvi Honig


CEO & Founder

A distinctly energetic and visionary entrepreneur, Duvi Honig has built a world class network of diverse businesses and business services to enhance the business prospects of the world’s Orthodox Jewish communities through innovative economic development and public policy initiatives. His work is based upon a down to earth understanding of the economy. Duvi issued correct advance warning about several major economic downturns, including the 2008 financial and real estate collapse, the 2015 “Flash Crash” stock market fall, and the global market panic that followed the Brexit vote in June 2016. 
The dual pillars that Duvi founded – the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce and non-profit Parnassah Network organization – encompass nearly 1,000 diverse businesses and fourteen divisions. Nearly 20,000 people from across the United States and six additional countries took advantage of OJC/Parnassah Network resources, including the flagship annual Parnassah Expo - J Biz Expo – Nationwide Business Networking Event, the world’s largest Jewish community B2B event. 
Duvi effectively utilizes the clout of these networks to influence public policy at the local, state, federal and international level to benefit Jewish community businesses. Duvi’s work was recognized in writing by the White House and, in 2016, he was honored by a bipartisan group of influential U.S. senators during Jewish Heritage Month. Duvi and other members of the OJC Executive Public Policy Committee have a particular interest in U.S.-Israel economic ties and protecting the Israeli economy from threats such as BDS and UN anti-Semitism. The OJC hosted a nationally reported news conference at the UN in December 2016, headlined by former Ambassador John Bolton, articulating the dangers of US diplomatic abandonment of Israel. In January 2017, the OJC led a historic “U.S.-Israel Business Alliance” mission to Israel, headlined by Governor Mike Huckabee, to boost economic ties and battle contemporary threats.

J. Morton Davis




J. Morton Davis is owner and Chairman of D.H. Blair Investment Banking Corp., a New York City investment bank established in 1904 and leading investor in and advisor to emerging entrepreneurial and growth companies, where he actively heads the day-to-day corporate finance activities. Investment banker, entrepreneur, investment analyst, economist, and venture capitalist, Mr. Davis is Wall Street personified. The over 400 companies for which he has raised more than $3 billion over the years have created a countless number of jobs and have added exciting new products including breakthrough drugs, unique electronic and telecommunications products and have resulted in immeasurable productivity to the American economy. Mr. Davis has served on the Boards of Research! America, Foundation for Future Generations, and the Freedom Foundation at Valley Forge. He also served on the Board of trustees of Yeshiva University and on the Board of Sy Syms School of Business. Mr. Davis is the recipient of a number of prestigious awards and honors, including the Synagogue Council of America’s Covenant of Peace Award, the Republican Party’s Distinguished Service Award, and the Intrepid Museum’s Freedom Award. A member of Phi Beta Kappa, Mr. Davis received his A.B in Economics, magna cum laude, from Brooklyn College in 1957 and his M.B.A, with distinction, from the Harvard Graduate School of Business in 1959. He resides in Lawrence, New York with his wife Rozi, and is never very far from his four daughters, and many grandchildren and great grandchildren. As Consul General of Israel in New York, Ambassador

Devorah Wahl


Director of Operations

Mrs. Devorah Wahl is Director of Operations in both the Parnassah Network and the OJC which she helped found together with Duvi Honig. She joined the Network in 2012 with her interest in community activism and her passion to help people with their economic growth and networking.

She is intimately involved in the planning & Coordinating details of the OJC programs past and present including the Parnassah Expos, the JBiz Expo, Parnassah Network Seminars, Small Business Alliance, & several other networking and public relations events and programs. 

She is responsible for the person to person communication and has experience in the education and marketing fields and a liberal arts degree.

Balancing between caring for her young family in Lakewood and running the events & programs for the OJC and Parnassah Network gives her much appreciation for all those women in the workforce out there that devote themselves fully to their family and business or career.